Marvellous KahelOS

Kahel Operating System (KahelOS)  is 100% Filipino made product that we can be proud of. It is an Arch Linux Based where it is openly free to download for a great quality experience. Now, its mabuhay welcome center notes have been launched for a more easy installation .Heres the link of the KahelOS mabuhay welcome center,

Its features includes:

    • file management
    • hassle-free automatic installation (
    • spells fun and color ( manage your photos with F spot, music and videos collection with banshee media player, pidgin for chat and games and screencasting.
    • productivity on the go ( libre office,thunder bird, photo viewer, PDF editor and more)
    • instantly be connected to your social network with the pre-installed social network applications ( chromium and firefox, gnome-blog, tweetdeck,dropbox and many more.)
    • learning tools for students and teachers.
    • It’s piracy is legal and 100% for free.
    •                      Be open for change.  Lets be aware of the  good thing and stop piracy because in open source which KahelOS is derive and  as have said,  its piracy is legal and 100% free to download to enjoy the quality service. It’s proven and tested in having more security, long maintenance and other advantages over the other licensed operating system. What are you waiting  for. Download now!
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