KahelOS: Open for Change


KahelOS is an Arch-based distro that has a desktop and server editions and is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro that legally cater one’s personal and business application needs. Kahel OS launches its new version of Welcome Center and Hassle-free Automatic Installation with their philosophy of “Open for Change”..

Why Choose KahelOS?

If you are wondering why some choose KahelOS instead of any other distros availablein the market, you have to read the following below and come to think of it.


We choose KahelOS because..


  • 100% FREE with its free Linux Distribution
  • It is a rolling release model based – a Genuine Upstream Source. It means that the user does not need to wait so long for a new release OS to be updated with the newest applications..
  • Utilizes the recently released Linux Kernel 2.6.30.It means that there will be more devices/ drivers that could be supported with fast boot.
  • Kahel OS Desktop is using all the default and suggested applications for Gnome, which makes everything tightly integrated.
  • All applications are provided with improved filesystem scalibility and performance.
  • Utilizes Pacman and Package Kit for easy installation of application enabled. User friendly Interface Installation.
  • Source Code Installation-Capable.
  • All applications is i686 and x86-64 optimized which means that all applications runs very fast.
  • You can manage photos with F- Spot
  • Enjoy music and video collection
  • Pidgin as you chat client
  • Games and screencasting


  • Productive ’cause there are number of application that will help to start-up businesses and the like to be productive, to manage and organize information.
  • Instantly connected to social network. With this pre-installed social network application you can connect to your loved ones.
  • Serve as learning tool for student and teacher. It is also designed to pack learning and teaching tools.

                       Everything you need is all in here, no need to look for another OS and etcetera. And once you got it, share it to everybody because its easy to share when its free. Help others to make their work more comfortable at the same time to become more productive and to learn more as well.

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