day1: introduction and adjusting phase with 8liens.

                       Hi there, I’m about to tell you guys what happened to me, as well as my impressions, on my very first day here at 8layertechnologies inc.

                       Since it was my first time to work as trainee in an open sourcing company, I am very much excited on what knowledge and training I will learn from the company . At first, I have a doubt in this company because its culture is totally opposite of what we have seen tradionally in the corporate world, a “home-like” office, it really bothers me and create “what if’s” questions on my mind. so on and so forth.. but that perception change as I step here and start communicating with cool “8liens”

                      Actually, I didn’t see myself to work at an Open Source company, I don’t have much knowledge about computer technologies, software, creating computer program and etcetera that’s why I feel nervous on what will I give them in return. Anyway, I feel comfortable to work here at 8layertech because they are very approchable and helpful. They accommodate us very well. Today, Sir Dondie brief us about the overview of the company, as well, orientating us on our training in the near future. Henyo and Sir Renan help us to register in our accounts and aside from that, Ms. Hanna also teach us how to do CRM ( Customer Relation Management) of our pending clients.

                      I’m looking forward on our next activities to do. Thats all folks.

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