A Day of Fruitful Experience with the 8liens

Hi. I just wanna share my scattered thoughts and experience having my first day at 8layer Technologies Inc., as they call the people who work there ‘8liens’ homonym to ‘aliens’ because of executing an extraordinary performance in their respective job. At any point, I don’t see myself getting involve into a career of different kinds of computer technologies but as step inside the 8layer tech. office, all this perception change in just a blink of an eye. I take advantage of the opportunity to learn the field of computer technologies that  can be a useful tool for my future career.

I realized that progress in country-citizen, institution/organization-employee relationship will achieve easily by both working really hard thinking the benefits of all. Doing the work with passion will make an individual very productive that will result to more efficient and effective working environment.

To summarize coming up to those ideas, I just felt that I need to do my tasks and responsibility not only in work but also in other aspect of life with passion and love to take the straight path of my career with no major regrets. There’s no perfect system in any organization. Give and take relationship, cooperation and coordination of different departments inside the organization plays a very crucial and vital role contributing to the success of one’s company.

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