My Full Initiation at 8layer: KS, Hu u? Y u?, and Training Update

Last Friday, August 5, 2011, I had my very first Knowledge Sharing (KS) at 8Layer Technologies as an OJT. I was “IT” together with Sir Renan, Sir Henyo, and Ms. Jona (who had her KS impromptu as well).  At first, I could not believe that I was really going to be one of the sharers for the KS not until Sir Meric told me the day before (I was hoping there would be something like sample first… laughs). I was not prepared at all. I did try to put up a simple presentation at home but what lucky timing and the electricity got cut off while I was working on it (O_o). So I came bare with just myself and the things I know of my course, Information Systems.

I came to the office very late from school with just an ample amount of time to prepare myself for the events to come (phew!).  Then, all has been set and it was my time to shine. We started off with Hu u? Y u?, the 8lien version of introduce yourself. Surprisingly, I was not as nervous as I thought I would be; for, I am real bad with having to speak in front of people. After that, they asked me about my training milestones with the company (sadly, I have just a few more hours left for the internship experience). From there, things went smoothly and more fun for me. Sir Renan showed us an inventory system using GLPI which supports OCS agent. It is a really handy tool, I tell you, because it can capture your device info straight to the inventory with just a simple import command using the console. After that, I shared to them what Information Systems (my course) is. Hopefully, they did get the gist of it. After that, Sir Henyo, showed us a simple bash script that enables installing, uninstalling, and updating packages in Kahel OS. It would be really useful for those who tends to forget the commands for these actions. Lastly, Ms. Jona, showed us the CRM that the company uses for task management. It had features that Ms. Jona herself said are really useful like  notifications (which can come handy if you will religiously input your tasks in the system), quick search options, attachment of documents, monitoring prospect proposals, and others.

We also ended up talking about other stuff in getting to familiarize ourselves with what have been shared. We ended up taking a look at the OTRS support system as well. Even though I was not able to relate with them at many points of their discussion, it was fun seeing them taking real interest in what is being shared. They also took interest with my simple sharing of what my course is. It was a really nice experience. We wrapped up things at around 7pm.

I am looking forward for the next KS and I am hoping that I would be able to share something more. 🙂

    • mericmara
    • August 9th, 2011

    Nice! Eto baka gusto mong i-KS? =) How to Write a Weekly Report

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