My First Out of the Office Experience

Yesterday, I and Sir Renan went to PLDT’s innovation center, the PLDT Innolab in Boni Avenue. We went there for the update of the Innolab website’s server.

It is observable that the place enforces a strict security policy. Before the visitors can enter the company premises, they have to leave their IDs and log their names into sheets of paper that is varied depending on the purpose of visit . They have to get visitor passes as well. Even hardwares and laptops must be logged before they can be allowed inside. Finally, there is also a quick inspection from the guards.

Now let me tell you what it was like when we entered the server/testing room. There were a lot of entangled wires and big IT infrastructures as well as busy people. There were several servers in the room serving different purposes.There were servers used for the office resources, some for the web, some for testing, and others. The room was spacious enough with servers placed together in a single area  a bit parted from the working area of the employees.

It was my first time inside a server room. I imagined that a server room would be some place where people would only be entering when needed, though this does not seem to be the case there in Innolab. The server room shared the same space as the work area of some employees. I learned that it was because the room serves as their laboratory as well. It was not as organized as the way I imagined it, but guess they manage to handle the place anyway.

From the trip there, I learned new things about the server. It actually varies in size and do not have a CD-ROM. And so, updating the server takes place using the Internet and having the need for external hard drives. As Sir Renan shared to me as well, such task in Linux servers was harder before because it was done purely in console. But now, we have the user interface available in the Web for easier updates and configuration.I also learned that the servers before for E-mail, FTP, DHCP, and the like were completely separate which is why updating was really tedious but now, we have them integrated in a single server.

Hopefully the website will be up soon as the configuration is done. 🙂

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