Android Apps for System Admin and Network Admin

Today, I have done my research on various android apps that can be useful for System and Network Administrators. This list here contains the top Android apps that I think could come in handy.

I have not personally tried these apps yet but I picked the ones that have been greatly or frequently recommended. I might just try them one day when I’m ready to “break” my phone. (Laughs)

  • Connectbot – a Secure Shell (SSH) client for the Android platform. Its ultimate goal is to create a secure connection through which you can use a shell on a remote machine and transfer files back and forth to your phone. It also allows for a local shell so there is no need to download an additional terminal client for your phone. This is also useful for connecting and administering Cisco devices. This is an especially useful tool for those using Linux/ Unix systems. The only drawback of this app is that you cannot pinch zoom to zoom into the text.
  • Astro File Manager– it is a useful tool for managing your phone. It allows you to manage all files in your sd card, manage mulitple files and directories at once, backup applications, manage running applications, send files as attachments, browse and create compressed files, and many others. “Astro is hands down the best file manager for un-rooted Android users.” (Piffey). It is very useful for just tossing files around a network and supports sftp support with better encryption speed than other sftp clients.
  • Wifi Analyzer– Wifi Analyzer for Android phones can help you find the best channels that are less crowded for your wireless router. The app gives you a visual graph of wireless signals and the channels being used.
  • Better Terminal Emulator Pro– Harness the native Linux command-line potential of Android with this Terminal.Unleash the command line potential of the Android console with this terminal. Best if rooted, but root not required. It comes with a bash shell and BusyBox as well as ssh. This is a must-have for those Linux users that has become more comfortable using the command line.
  • AndSMB– AndSMB is a SMB (Samba/CIFS) client for Android devices. It allows connecting to shared folders hosted on Windows or Samba servers over Wifi/3G/4G. It allows managing several connections with authentication. It comes with both a device file browser and a SMB file browser.
  • Gmote– it allows your phone to have remote access over your computer. Control your computer’s media player from your phone. Stream music to your phoneTurns your phone into a remote control for your computer, allowing you to start and control movies and music at a distance.
  • Network Discovery– This tool allows you to find out what machine is attached to what IP address. It allows you to scan which ports are open and optionally connect to them.

If you think this list is lacking or can be enhanced, feel free to suggest other apps that you think is better. I am very open to other’s opinion which can help me better understand the use of such applications.


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