My First 8lienized Week

Oh my gosh! Time passed by so quickly and I have already spent a week here at 8Layer Technologies. So far I’m still in the process of adapting myself to the environment and the people here. I am actually introverted and thus, I don’t know yet how to open myself up to the people here. They have treated me well and it is really comfortable here. At first, I thought that the place was more “home-like” than corporate so I was quite doubtful but now I think that the people here are by far the coolest people that I have ever met. I think that they are very knowledgeable about what they are doing and they are more passionate than how they may seem (no offense intended haha!). First impressions never really last. And one more good thing about it is that they are really sociable people. 😉

Now to the part of what I have done in this week, well there is nothing much yet but this site and blog are one of the first tasks that I was given for this week. Thank goodness for that because I’m still anxious about the technical stuff. I haven’t really put to practice the programming and technical things that I’ve learned in school and I have yet to review them. (As you can see I have no formatting whatsoever in this post cause I don’t know how to.) XD Aside from that, I am about to learn proper Linux installation and other Linux stuff from Sir Renan so I am quite excited. I also received orientation from Sir Meric and was able to learn more about 8layer.

I am looking forward to the future activities that Sir Meric will be giving me and hopefully, I will be able to deliver according to what is expected of me. I hope that I would be able to contribute as much as I would learn and be a certified 8lien in practice as the days pass.

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