Kahel OS!Cool OS!

We, in the computer world, all know that Operating System is a software that runs and manages our computer hardwares to  be able to execute applications. When I was in High School, I thought that there is only one OS existing in the Universe because everyone have the same OS and that’s Windows. When i enter college and choose to take up Computer Engineering, MAC OS X and GNU/LINUX came up to the picture, and since many of us can’t afford MAC and the LINUX is opensource which means everybody can have it, I focused on LINUX. And I learned that the development of LINUX is so fast that it’s popularity top the Microsoft.

The search about LINUX leads me to The 8Layer Technologies Inc, where I am taking up my practicum right now. The company uses their very own LINUX distro for their servers and workstations,And I was so  amazed when I first saw and browse the Kahel OS—-Desktop OS that is a Linux Distro Based from Arch Linux+GNOME. Their idea for this distro is not  just to produce another distro, but a distro that innovated on having a server and desktop OS with effortless updates of applications, a distro that will shake and blow your personal computers!….

Kahel OS emphasize  what a true community website is. No wonder why the “Enhanced Kahel OS website was one of the finalists in the 12th Philippine Web awards. So as a part of the open source community let’s support Kahel OS.

Because in Kahel OS, your Desktop will never be the same again..!




 Original Post by Sherida Espiritu
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