GIMP, as powerful as Photoshop!

April 14, 2011

The GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free software meant for tasks such as photo retouching,photo manipulation,image composition, and image authoring,and is viewed by many as a rival to commercial applications like Photoshop.. The GIMP is an Open Source’s legendary application because of it’s flexibility. GIMP is straight forward with it’s features and has most of the Photoshop features but it has them under different menus and names. And the best thing about GIMP is that it can be operated in multiple operating systems while Photoshop is restricted to Windows and Mac OS.

I can say that GIMP could be as powerful as photoshop. I manipulated image using photoshop,and I was amazed because I did the same image using GIMP and they are really look the same.


” GIMP ”                                                          ” PHOTOSHOP “

How to do it in GIMP….

1. Open the image that you want to edit or manipulate.

Go to FILE and click Open as layers and then open the images you want to edit.

2.  Create your new image.

Hide the Layer of your main picture and Make a selection of the part of the image that you want to copy using the FREE SELECTION tool or the PEN tool. Right click inside the selection and go to Edit, Copy Visible.

Right click again and then go to Edit, Paste as, New Layer. Paste it as a new layer so that you can transform the selected image easily without distorting other images.

3. Transform your new image.

Do the same thing with the other Image you want to copy or paste.

4. Start to manipulate your image.

In this figure I want to remove the part of the head that was bitten, so I use PEN tool to select the part that i want to copy and paste it as a new layer.

Desaturate the image or go to Colors, and select Hue-Saturation

Select the layer of the image you want to edit/manipulate and do want you want to do with it. I’m done editing the images. Be sure to place your images accurately.

5. Making a background

Go to Layers and select New Layer or simply hit Ctrl+Shift+N and click OK. Don’t forget to rename your layers.  This will help you in finding the Layer you want to edit.

For my background, I use Gradient . If you will use Gradient in a background always choose the FG to BG(RGB), but if you will use it in Images, use FG to Transparent.

6. Flatten/Merge down the Layers to Save as an Image.

Like Photoshop ,there’s a lot of things you can do with GIMP.


Original Post by Sherida Espiritu

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