18 Tips for Beginners in Web Designing..

Being a Trainee as a Creative Designer in 8Layer Tech is a very big opportunity for me. I can really say that I am learning many things on how to be an effective Creative Designer. My supervisor/mentor gave me a new task and that is to study about Web Designs.

I search and observe different Websites until I came up writing Tips in Web Designing for beginners like me.

18  Tips for Beginners in Web Designing:

1. The most important thing is the User must know what the site is all about.

2. The design should be appropriate to the category of your Website.

3. Use High contrast colors.

4. The design should be flexible.

5. Make the Banner attractive.

6. Choose a bold formatting with different color to the links.

7. Do not use tiny fonts/it should be readable.

8. Do not underline normal text.

9. Do not  use blinking text.

10. Do not use animated GIF.

11. Use a basic template for every page that contains links to the main section of the site.

12. Place a basic and simple search box on top of your site.

13. Avoid long pages.

14. Always set background color.

15. Make sure that your design is not boring.

16. Do not use images as background.

17. Make it easier for the user to find stuffs.

And the last..

18. Make it as simple as possible..Simple yet Appealing..

For me the design of our Website is very important, not only our Website but all  the designs of our Projects, because it says something about us and what we are in the world of Creative Designing.

Original Post by Sherida Espiritu

  1. All 18 are realistic.Thanks

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