PHP, is that edible?

PHP is a server-side scripting language and can be used not only with HTML but also with javascripts, jQueries, css and other mark-up language.

It provides flexibility compared to HTML alone.

PHP was not called ‘PHP’ until the version 3 came out in the year  1998. It stands for: “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. The previous versions are CGI Binaries in the C Programming Language(version1, 1994) and Personal Home Page Tools(version2, 1998).

But PHP won’t stop there, by year 2000 up to present still actively supported by updates version 4.4.6 upto 5.3.5.

Why I am recommending you to use PHP??

-it’s an open source[free software, yey!]
-it is a cross platform to develop, to deploy and to use[it can use in ie, firefox, opera, safari etc.]
-powerful, robust scalable
-web development specific
-object oriented[php5]
-you can learn in almost 20 million websites because of a large, active developer community. [there are helps in our friendly neighborhoods! yey!]


But Hey! before you start typing some scripts you googled, we have to have appropriate tools to perform, to learn and to grow and to be hussler in PHP programming:)

Things we need:

  • web server
  • php
  • database
  • text editor
  • web browser

Things I’m gonna use: LAMP modules

  • web server( apache 2.2.7 Unix)
  • php (php 5.3.6 with suhosin patch)
  • database (mysql 5.2.1)
  • text editor(gEdit, Quanta+)
  • web browser (firefox)

LAMP stands for Linux Apache MySQL PHP

go to for instructions on how to install php on your unit :)

or click this link and download my mentor’s tutorial on how to install LAMP modules for Ubuntu 8.04. :)


At first, maybe php will eat you alive, but you have to learn to eat php too, just to be fair :) ) and if you tried and never gave up “eating” PHP, you’re now digesting and soon you’ll never realize that it’s living on your system. Cool, huh?

Just a little warning: this type of programming practice requires patience and a large but simple logical thinking. :)

Good Luck to us ;)

Original Post by Leona Khan

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