Did your workstation is far from another workstation that you need to monitor? Do you want to remotely connect your machine from other machine (Linux or Windows)? If you are looking for an easy solution for these problem, let me share to you how to connect multiple desktop in one window.
All you need is to install VINAGRE!

VINAGRE –  is a remote desktop client  for GNOME desktop. It allows you to connect to multiple Desktop in one window. It does not require for any passwords. With vinagre, you can track your recent connections and it has auto- discovery of VNC servers.


How to install vinagre?

$ sudo pacman -S vinagre

To check if vinagre is already installed and ready to use, click Application > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer. 

How to use Remote Desktop Viewer?

In order to use vinagre, you should have two workstation (Windows server 2000 and KahelOS for example).

From KahelOS, click  Application > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer to open up the vinagre main window. Click CONNECT button to open connection dialogue box.

As you can see, there is HOST section and FIND section in connection dialogue box.
HOST – Enter the IP address of the machine you want to open then click Connect.
FIND – If you click the Find button any machine with a VNC server on your network will show up, which you can then select using the drop-down then click Connect.

Once you’ve done that, Vinagre will open a connection to the machine that you enter on your HOST. You may now get control on the said machine.

see sample figures below.

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Original post by Ginalyn Apostol

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