Tanungin mo ang sarili mo kung ano ang gusto mo at “may Linux para sa iyo”——Sir Meric Mara

Yesterday March 31,2011, we are having our KS (Knowledge Sharing) here at 8Layer Tech and the assigned person to share his knowledge is no other than our CEO / CTO Sir Meric Mara. He discussed what Linux is, the History of Linux, 10 +mistakes Linux newbies make, and the different Linux distro. But before that, me and my co-trainee became a victim of talent portion. =))
One of unforgettable saying of Sir Meric during our KS was  “Tanungin mo ang sarili mo kung ano ang gusto mo at may Linux para sayo.” And that was really true. Because Linux is open source and belongs to the GNU Public License, users of Linux can access its source code. Some would say that giving a full access with the source code may give way to some developers to take advantage to it so they do not want to share or collaborate to that idea. But Linux developers want this public access to the code for faster improvements. That’s why there’s a lot of different Linux Distributions. For every Linux distro, it has different feature. For example, you want an easy Linux OS then there is Ubuntu for you. If you want a Filipino made OS then of course KahelOS is there for someone like you. If you want a server OS, then Centos is what you’re looking for. If you are fond of designing web pages or you are fond of music, there’s an existing Linux OS for you and it would really fit your personality.

That’s how our KS goes on. WE’VE LEARNED AND ENJOY!

For the list of Linux Distribution you can go to this site:


Original Post by Ginalyn Apostol

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