Bored with your Operating System? TRY KahelOS!

In my first week of being a trainee in 8 Layer Company, first thing I observe is the SIMPLICITY. “Simple yet artistic and full of knowledge”. In spite of being busy of 8liens with their works, they still lend a hand  to enhance the skills of trainees and they still provide time to share their knowledge.
The first task given to me is to install KahelOS. They gave me some reading materials to guide me for installation process. Then after reading, I start installing the OS. I was impressed because for me, it is easy to install. Updating the KahelOS using Terminal is the next thing to do. At first, I really don’t know what should I do because it’s the first time that I will be using Linux based operating system. And I am not familiar with the terminal and commands. Until, they teach me how to do it. And that’s how I learned using $sudo pacman -Syu command for updating and upgrading Kahel OS.

For actual installation of KahelOS, read and explore the following manual and sites:

Also, visit KahelOS website.

Original Post by Ginalyn Apostol

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