Basic Linux Commands

Another day of learning for me here at 8Layer Tech. Since I am a trainee, I have to learn the basics first. Well, I have here a reading material for Linux but I am confused with the different commands that I am reading. So Sir Renan gave me some basic commands to try hands-on. Of course, I did some research on how I will execute those commands and Sir Renan also taught me how to do them and what is their purpose.

So here are the basic Linux commands that I tried hands-on:

Linux command: cd

cd Desktop/


;this command is for you to know the content of your desktop when you are using the terminal.You can change Desktop to Documents or any places on your computer that you want to know the content using terminal.

Linux command: touch

touch [filename]


touch ginalynfile

;this command is used to add a textfile in your Desktop.

Linux command: mkdir

mkdir [foldername]


mkdir ginalynfile-folder

;this command is used to add a folder in your Desktop

Linux command: nano

nano [filename]


nano ginalynfile

;this command lets you to add a content on your textfile

Linux command: more

more [filename]


more ginalynfile

;this command lets you view the text file in terminal window.

Linux command:less

less [filename]


less ginalynfile

;less command lets you view the text file. Less command is similar to more command but in less command, it doesn’t have to read the entire input file.

Linux command:cat

cat [filename]


cat ginalynfile

;it lets you view the content of textfile in its standard output.

;it can be used to join multiple files together and print the result on screen

Linux command: tac

tac [filename]


tac ginalynfile

;it lets you view the textfile in reverse.

Linux command: mv

mv [filename] ../Documents/


mv ginalynfile ../Documents/

;lets you move your textfile in Documents

Another use of mv command is to rename

mv filenameold filenamenew


mv ginalynfile giefile

;lets you rename your textfile

Linux command: cp

cp filename /home/user/Desktop/


cp ginalynfile /home/ghie/Desktop/

;lets you copy or transfer your textfile to your Desktop

Linux command: rm

rm [filename]


rm ginalynfile

; lets you remove your textfile

Linux command: rm -R

rm -R ginalynfile-folder

;lets you remove your textfile folder in directory

Linux command: cp (for copying or transferring your textfile into your folder)

cp textfilename filefolder


cp ginalynfile ginalynfile-folder

;it lets you transfer or copy your textfile to your textfilefolder

Linux command: wget

wget url


wget http://

; this command lets you download using terminal.
Now, try these commands hands-on and you will see how it works. I am sure that it would be a big help for you especially and to those who are new to Linux.
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Original post by Ginalyn Apostol

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