Ating Alaagan ang Kalikasan

Environment and nature is created by HIM specially for US but up to this generation, it’s getting worst and damaged because of our own fault and careless doings/activities. Hindi dapat ganito ang kalabasan ng pinagkaloob NIYA sa atin at ‘marapat lamang na suklian natin ang binigay sa ating mga nilalang NIYA’. Ating alaagaan ang kalikasan!

And to to help in reducing this damages na tayo din naman ang pangunahing naapektuhan, the 8liens’ planned to conduct a year ender activity na yearly din namang masayang ginagawa ng grupo . It is the tree planting project held at Calamba, Laguna near Cortes residence last December 28, 2011. And as part of the project, we made to plant a lot of trees near the river side that has also some residents beside it.

Malaki ang maitutulong nito sa mga nakatira malapit sa ilog (a source of livelihood for them) at sa ating kalikasan na unti-unting malinis ang hangin dulot ng mga polusyon at kemikal kapag napangalagaan at lumaki ang mga punong ito. It helps to strengthen its foundation and helps to prevent landslide and other fortuitous events in the area.

Kaya’t sana, sa maliliit na bagay na ating ginagawa, isaalang-alang natin lagi ang ating kalikasan. Sa bawat usok na binubuga ng sigarilyo at sasakyan, sa maling pagtatapon ng basura at sa illegal logging at marami pang iba na buong mundo ang nadadamay. Let’s realize what we’ve done before it will be too late! Start the act of caring to our environment within ourselves. Be an advocate of caring to our nature and you’ll be a good example and inspiration to others. ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’. Kalikasan ko, aalagaan ko:)

KahelOS: Open for Change


KahelOS is an Arch-based distro that has a desktop and server editions and is the first and remains to be the only Filipino Linux Distro that legally cater one’s personal and business application needs. Kahel OS launches its new version of Welcome Center and Hassle-free Automatic Installation with their philosophy of “Open for Change”..

Why Choose KahelOS?

If you are wondering why some choose KahelOS instead of any other distros availablein the market, you have to read the following below and come to think of it.


We choose KahelOS because..


  • 100% FREE with its free Linux Distribution
  • It is a rolling release model based – a Genuine Upstream Source. It means that the user does not need to wait so long for a new release OS to be updated with the newest applications..
  • Utilizes the recently released Linux Kernel 2.6.30.It means that there will be more devices/ drivers that could be supported with fast boot.
  • Kahel OS Desktop is using all the default and suggested applications for Gnome, which makes everything tightly integrated.
  • All applications are provided with improved filesystem scalibility and performance.
  • Utilizes Pacman and Package Kit for easy installation of application enabled. User friendly Interface Installation.
  • Source Code Installation-Capable.
  • All applications is i686 and x86-64 optimized which means that all applications runs very fast.
  • You can manage photos with F- Spot
  • Enjoy music and video collection
  • Pidgin as you chat client
  • Games and screencasting


  • Productive ’cause there are number of application that will help to start-up businesses and the like to be productive, to manage and organize information.
  • Instantly connected to social network. With this pre-installed social network application you can connect to your loved ones.
  • Serve as learning tool for student and teacher. It is also designed to pack learning and teaching tools.

                       Everything you need is all in here, no need to look for another OS and etcetera. And once you got it, share it to everybody because its easy to share when its free. Help others to make their work more comfortable at the same time to become more productive and to learn more as well.

Marvellous KahelOS

Kahel Operating System (KahelOS)  is 100% Filipino made product that we can be proud of. It is an Arch Linux Based where it is openly free to download for a great quality experience. Now, its mabuhay welcome center notes have been launched for a more easy installation .Heres the link of the KahelOS mabuhay welcome center,

Its features includes:

    • file management
    • hassle-free automatic installation (
    • spells fun and color ( manage your photos with F spot, music and videos collection with banshee media player, pidgin for chat and games and screencasting.
    • productivity on the go ( libre office,thunder bird, photo viewer, PDF editor and more)
    • instantly be connected to your social network with the pre-installed social network applications ( chromium and firefox, gnome-blog, tweetdeck,dropbox and many more.)
    • learning tools for students and teachers.
    • It’s piracy is legal and 100% for free.
    •                      Be open for change.  Lets be aware of the  good thing and stop piracy because in open source which KahelOS is derive and  as have said,  its piracy is legal and 100% free to download to enjoy the quality service. It’s proven and tested in having more security, long maintenance and other advantages over the other licensed operating system. What are you waiting  for. Download now!

Importance of Calendar Sync .

Today, I learn the importance of syncronization of calendar in an organization, as Sir Meric discuss it to us in a 30-minute seminar awhile ago. Now, on my part,I was about to share it to other for their own benefit too. So what is a Syncronized Calendar all about? As a calendar define as an orderly arrangement of the division of time, adapted to the purposes of civil life, as years, months, weeks, and days.

Importance of Synchronization of Calendar:

  • Organizing schedule shouldn’t be burden.
  • Share your schedule. Everybody can see company’s day to day schedules(e.g. Meeting with client, urgent commitments, etc.) and also serves as reminder to the whole workforce their deadlines and so on and so forth.
  • Easily schedule appointments.
  • Get your calendar on the go. You can look at it anywhere on google, on your mobile phones, thunderbirds,Vtigers etc.
  • Never forget another event again. Just like what you have read above it serves as a reminder.
  • Send invitation and track RSVP. It automatically send your schedules to respective email of your client.
  • Access your calendar. You can access it whenever and wherever you are.

Lets talk about the technical components of Synchronized Calendar

Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – an email client type.  Mozilla Foundation is one of the most popular open source organization.  To be able to sync in your calendar to Google you must have install Lightning Software and Google Provider as an add-on. Remember, Google Provider is not automatically integrated to Google, it will not work without installing Lightning Software. Same with making a calendar application to VTiger Google Calendar Integration, you cannot proceed not unless you install the VGCal Software to be able to sync in the Google. VTiger use DOM or Document Object Model which has the ability to read an XML,ICal or HTML. Now you can simply download it and everything will automatically updated on your google calendar.

You may start to set your day to day update on your calendar..  

Significance of Synchronization in an Organization (Calendar Sync)

I just wanna share some basic informations on how to make your calendar in different accounts like google, thunderbird,vtiger and mobile synchronize since online calendar have made it easier to access your different calendars on the web.

“Organizing a schedule should’nt be a burden”. It must come with almost having a one account whent it comes to your calendar of events, appointments and things to do.

  • You can share your schedule .
  • Get your calendar on the go ( through your different accounts or mobile).
  • Never forget another event again
  • Send invitaions etc.

Mozilla Foundation is one of the most popular open source organization. Thunderbird account is installed together with the program called ‘lightning’ to have calendar application and to support this, XML file is the standard and fastest way that also support all types of client. Just right click and copy the url to execute the application.

To sum up, synchronization plays a vital role in an organization. It organize your reminders effectively and makes work efficiently.

day1: introduction and adjusting phase with 8liens.

                       Hi there, I’m about to tell you guys what happened to me, as well as my impressions, on my very first day here at 8layertechnologies inc.

                       Since it was my first time to work as trainee in an open sourcing company, I am very much excited on what knowledge and training I will learn from the company . At first, I have a doubt in this company because its culture is totally opposite of what we have seen tradionally in the corporate world, a “home-like” office, it really bothers me and create “what if’s” questions on my mind. so on and so forth.. but that perception change as I step here and start communicating with cool “8liens”

                      Actually, I didn’t see myself to work at an Open Source company, I don’t have much knowledge about computer technologies, software, creating computer program and etcetera that’s why I feel nervous on what will I give them in return. Anyway, I feel comfortable to work here at 8layertech because they are very approchable and helpful. They accommodate us very well. Today, Sir Dondie brief us about the overview of the company, as well, orientating us on our training in the near future. Henyo and Sir Renan help us to register in our accounts and aside from that, Ms. Hanna also teach us how to do CRM ( Customer Relation Management) of our pending clients.

                      I’m looking forward on our next activities to do. Thats all folks.

A Day of Fruitful Experience with the 8liens

Hi. I just wanna share my scattered thoughts and experience having my first day at 8layer Technologies Inc., as they call the people who work there ‘8liens’ homonym to ‘aliens’ because of executing an extraordinary performance in their respective job. At any point, I don’t see myself getting involve into a career of different kinds of computer technologies but as step inside the 8layer tech. office, all this perception change in just a blink of an eye. I take advantage of the opportunity to learn the field of computer technologies that  can be a useful tool for my future career.

I realized that progress in country-citizen, institution/organization-employee relationship will achieve easily by both working really hard thinking the benefits of all. Doing the work with passion will make an individual very productive that will result to more efficient and effective working environment.

To summarize coming up to those ideas, I just felt that I need to do my tasks and responsibility not only in work but also in other aspect of life with passion and love to take the straight path of my career with no major regrets. There’s no perfect system in any organization. Give and take relationship, cooperation and coordination of different departments inside the organization plays a very crucial and vital role contributing to the success of one’s company.